The Kingdom of Idrus used to be a vibrant place of culture and wealth. Magic thrived and the God’s were worshipped above all else. When an unprecedented came attack from the East, starting a war, Idrus was not prepared. Eastern pirates sought after the powerful artifacts the Guardian Priests of the Gods Temples held, believing they could be used to overthrow their tyrannical leader.

The war devastated the Four Kingdoms economies over a ten year war. The battle was primarily fought with magic users. When the old king Idrus died in battle his son King Tobias the First was crowned. The country became hostile in the aftermath of the war and blamed the gods for not helping in the state of disaster. King Tobias rallied the people under him by using propaganda to convince them that the battle was the fault of the magic users. It became a witch hunt. Anyone who was accused of possessing an ounce of magic was tried and hanged. The Guardian Priests of the Temples disappeared and the Temples of the Gods fell off the face of the Earth, the artifacts along with them.

Queen Elgodia of the East surrendered and under a truce she resigned as ruler of her kingdom. Although the country still openly practiced magic, a hard ban was placed on anyone coming into Idrus with magical abilities.

Five hundred years have past and there are only a few small communities that still believe in the gods, mostly in the North, Magic is beginning to be resurrected from the dark, although the new King Girart Tobias the Fourth, who was crowned under his father’s untimely passing, has held up the magic outlaw. Today, technology is held above all else. Magic is viewed as outdated and barbaric. More often than not you’re thrown in jail or banished for possessing magic.

King Tobias the First openly banned the practice of magic 150 years prior, saying it was unattractive and voodoo. Only people with dark intent used magic. Fast forward to today. 15 years ago Kind Tobias the third was crowned after his father’s untimely death. He places emphasis on technology above all else. He’s become paranoid because since his crowning more and more whispers about people being able to use magic has been floating around.

People outside the jaded King city of Eldhelm are once again falling into a state of turmoil. The King is using the diamond imports to raise his self wealth and not aid the kingdoms. More and more people are secretly turning back to the gods. They believe that these people who have magic have been chosen to awaken them and bring in and new age of the gods and peace.



5 old gods – Primordial. Secondary Gods are Demi-Gods, blessed with powers from the Gods themselves. They are heroes blessed to help the four kingdoms in times of need, because the gods themselves are “not able” to “interfere” directly with mortal lives.

Lawful good (female): (Khunsu) Kera-Aei
Artifact: Vision of Kera-Aei (Amulet)
Guardian: Angel
Goddess of the moon, dreams, combat, divination
She has silver wings like an eagle and sports the crown of a head of a bird and has silver blue eyes.

Chaotic good (male): (Ashtarchemosk) Akhem-Ra
Artifact: Silence of Akhem-Ra (Cloak)
Guardian: Old Wise Man
Healing, knowledge, truth,
Wears a helmet of a wolf. Has bright gold eyes and wears a fur cloak.

True Neutral (female): (Amersis) Miahne-Ra
Artifact: Wound of Miahne-Ra (Dagger)
Guardian: Earth Elemental
Goddess of the day, travel, nature, wealth…
Tall and has green eyes and ears of a feline. Wears a crown of jewels. Has claws/sharp nails.

Lawful evil (male): (Ensik) Reih-Aei
Artifact: Might of Reih-Aei (Crown)
Guardian: Griffin
God of sun, fire, order, sky…
Golden wings of a hawk but horns of an elk. Wears feathers in his hair and has fiery gold eyes.

Chaotic evil (female): (Tahu) Teren-Ra
Artifact: Wrath of Teren-Ra (Staff)
Guardian: Dragon Caster
Goddess of death, deceit, chaos
Wears the crown of a dragon and has a snake wrapped around her right arm. Has kaleidoscope eyes.



Our heroes congregate under the roof of a small Tavern called the sleepy rat Inn. Roach runs it. It’s on a path that Guards use to patrol often between borders. At night it’s become quite treacherous so they decide to stop for the night. The area has become increasingly more dangerous as the farmlands are dying and the small town folks have turned more to robbing and violence. The guards don’t care too much, they handle what they handle when they pass through but never a permanent fix. Our traveler’s are all their way to the city. A festival is being held soon and they all have a part to play in it.

The land is dying around the town of Llyn. But the main city seems to be prospering more than ever. In exchange for wealth and protection of the diamond imports, the King has made a deal with a shady summoner. The summoner has a giant ass spider and really likes bugs. These bugs are a disease infecting the surrounding land and he absorbs the energy from the earth causing it to die.

Our heroes start off asleep in the Sleepy Rat Inn – a Tavern at the edge of the small town of Wilbury. It’s a farm Town, no bigger than a hamlet. There’s few shops: a bakery, an herbalist, the Tavern, and a smith. The town borders two kingdoms: Rotherlithe and Eastcliff. One path leads from here, connecting to the major road to the Capital- Eldhelm. Guards often pass through here on their patrol between borders, but otherwise they don’t see much activity.

The land here for the past five years has slowly become to decay and become acidic. Farmers are beginning to be unable to grow crops, at least well, or feed their livestock. The town has very poor income. They aren’t able to trade enough. The same seems to be happening to all surrounding land as well. Animals don’t come through anymore. Trees are dead, the grass is brown even in the summer. The overall feeling here is helpless.

Because the surrounding area has become hostile our adventurers stop here the night for a rest. They all happen to be passing through on their way to the Diamond Gala. Unfortunately, while asleep, each of them happen to experience a very odd dream. They find themselves, altogether, in a dark damp cave with a giant spider attacking them. Each of them have to roll a will save to wake from this dream. When they wake they begin to remember less and less, only that they remember the faces of the others in the dream as well.

Idrus Lost